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About the Model

The web-based “Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO” integrates the site with the watershed and the stream. This scenario comparison tool underpins Beyond the Guidebook, a provincial initiative to advance implementation of green infrastructure policies and practices throughout British Columbia.

“Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO” – A Brief History

The Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO is a public domain, on-line decision support and scenario modeling tool for promoting rainwater management and stream health protection through implementation of “green” development practices. The appeal and the strength of the tool is that it is evolving to meet the “needs and wants” of participating agencies. The British Columbia Inter-Governmental Partnership (BCIGP) developed the Water Balance Model
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Create Liveable Communities and Protect Stream Health

The vision for the “Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO” – as a decision support tool that bridges engineering and planning – is that it will help communities create neighbourhoods that integrate both good planning and innovative engineering designs, for overall greater sustainability, such as minimal environmental impacts, enhanced social values, economic stability, and recreational opportunities. The “Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO” is a
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Beyond the Guidebook: Why the Water Balance Model Powered by QUALHYMO

Published in 2002, Stormwater Planning: A Guidebook for British Columbia set in motion a chain of outcomes that has resulted in British Columbia being recognized internationally as a leader in implementing a natural systems approach to rainwater management in the urban environment. ‘Beyond the Guidebook’ takes the Guidebook innovation to the next level of evolution by incorporating what has been learned to date at the site
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An Overview of the QUALHYMO Engine

The Water Balance Model for Canada has been integrated with QUALHYMO in order to provide practitioners with a “runoff-based tool” for source control evaluation and stream health assessment. The “runoff-based approach” holds the key to assessing environmental impacts in watercourses and the effectiveness of mitigation techniques. The desire to mitigate environmental impacts has provided a driver for the “Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO”. To view an
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